Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have a new URL
why ?
well since i'm moving to Egypt, so I was thinking why dont I move to another link as well ?
haha... FTW. no lame excuses actually, simply change.

and officially this blog I CLOSED.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

the pursuit of happiness

i'm in KMS and i'm happy to be here :) seriously. it is super fantastically wholesome fun. as the fresher, I pretty hate the orientation. but as days goes by, it become more and more exciting and i could say its thrilling enough. the seniors are great and helpful, my lame thoughts was the seniors would be super cruel and super effing poyo. but it ended up the other way round. wohooo. alhamdulillah. plus our age difference is just 1 year. nothing much la. sorry for the SBP thoughts of mine. kinda get used to it.


word that i love the most. here in KMS, there are tonnes of new peeps from all over Malaysia. majority of them are from SBP and MRSM. so yeah, we kinda get used with the asrama environment. so many things to tell but i was lazy to type. sorry. lets keep it simple.

  • my new friends here are all GREAT!!!
  • the lecturers are as caring as kusess teachers
  • 1 room 3 peoples
  • there are only 4 guys taking dentistry
  • there's a stall next to Dewan Selera called LAHOMA. (my fav spot, melantak mlm2 sodap bai )
  • my class will start very soon and i'm gonna have to work my ass off.
  • the new environment welcomes me
  • i'm happy to be in KMS and i dont think i will go to Egypt although i got the scholarship :(
  • yeah the new aim is 40 POINTS AND ABOVE and let me FLY !!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

IB freak

many have asked on what IB is.. here I quote on what IB really is...


Diasaskan pada tahun 1968, merupakan program peringkat diploma yang dikendalikan oleh International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). IBO adalah badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang beribu pejabat di Geneva, Switzerland. Walau bagaimanapun, hal-hal peperiksaan dan kurikulum (IBCA) diuruskan di pejabat yang terletak di Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Pada Jun 2005, Kolej MARA Seremban (KMS) telah mendapat kepercayaan MARA untuk menjalankan program IB ini. Pelajar yang terpilih ke KMS akan melanjutkan pelajaran ke luar negara sama ada di bidang perubatan, perguruan/tindikan MRSM (Sains & Matematik), pergigian dan biotenologi.


Kurikulum IB merangkumi 6 kumpulan subjek :

1) Language A (Bahasa Ibunda) termasuk kajian Sastera Dunia, subjek yang ditawarkan ialah Malay A1.

2) language B (Bahasa Kedua), subjek yang ditawarkan ialah English B.

3) Individu dalam masyarakat, subjek yang ditawarkan ialah

- Ekonomi

- Perniagaan & Pengurusan

- Teknologi Maklumat dalam masyarakat global

4) Sains Amali, Subjek yag ditawarkan ialah biologi,kimia dan fizik.

5) Matematik dan Sains Komputer, subjek yang ditawarkan ialah Matematik.

6) Kesenian, akan dilaksanakan dalam aktiviti kokurikulum (CAS)

Disamping itu, pelajar juga diwajibkan mengikuti aktiviti CAS (Creativity, Action, Services), mengambil subjek Theory of Knowledge (ToK) dan menyiapkan satu "Extended Essay" (EE).


Pelajar perlu mendapat tidak kurang daripada 35 mata daripada keputusan peperiksaan.


Kuliah Harian

Konsultasi bersama guru subjek

Program Mentor-mentee

Aktiviti kelab dan sukan

Perkhidmatan kaunseling dan kaunselor

"Study Group"

Kem motivasi

Pembelajaran dibantu dengan kemudahan seperti perpustakaan, internet 'wireless' di kawasan Kolej, makmal dan lain-lain.

"Intensive Revision Programme"


2 tahun

into the next level

date : July 2010 - June 2012
course : International Baccalaureate - Dentistry
registration date : 30 June 2010

This is my fate ( for now ) , I accept it with all my heart. I'm gonna work my ass off for this course. 2 years ! x pe, x lame mane pun 2 tahun je. New target is set in my studying life!

35 points and above


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Salam. Sy perlukan salinan passport segera. boleh dapatkan hari ini jg dan emel atau fax kpd saya segera! ini utk submission kpd Mesir. harap maklum dan perlu tindakan segera.
- QAS agency-

received this message at 11.17 and realized that my passport was long expired. -___-' dealed with Mam besar and she sent me to JPN Wangsa Maju at 1200. Googled what it takes to renew a passport and prepared everything in rush.
  • passport picture [checked]
  • 2 copies of Mykad [checked]
  • birth cert. ( still under 18. lol) [checked]
  • 2 copies of parent's mykad [checked but the copies was with pengesahan ]
  • myKad [checked]
tukar baju siap2 then i doubted ' is it enough for just 2 copies (padahal dah tahu memang cukup) ? alah... photostat je la satu lagi.' Placed the myKad in the printer and press "Copy". than mum called suro keluar rumah coz she waited me outside. took the mykad copy and terus turn bawah , keluar rumah and masuk kereta.

(in the car)

mom : every things ready ?
me : sudah
mom : ic ?
me : sudah
mom :birth cert ?
me : sudah. everythings dah ade dah dlm envelope
mom : ok.

changed the gear to D , released the handbrake and off we go to Wangsa Maju. The traffic was terrific. Lagi2 kat depan Great Eastern tu , simpang nak masuk kat Jelatek . But I dont care that much coz Twitter kan ade ! heee... then soon as my mum passed by Wangsa Maju Putra station , suddenly my adrenaline rush and straight away i checked my wallet. DARN! mykad was in the printer!!! -_______-' ( buat muke innocence ckp kat Mam besar yg mykad tertinggal ) tu dia... her lecture! amik kau afiq! padan sangat ngan muke kau tu! tp x pe, Twitter kan ade.. heeee lagi skali... so we turned back and headed to the home once again. redah the traffic once again last2 sampai JPN around 1330.

( in the JPN )

showed my existing picture to the concierge and asked her whether that kind of picture can be use = (x boleh ). keluar balik and snapped a picture , masuk took a number and Whoa! terus kene panggil that number. Pantas dan efisyen nye... gave her all the documents and so but Dang! parent mykad copies were not accepted coz the copies was with pengesahan. -___-' go out again and photostat a new one. Got in, gave her the copies, processing..processing..processing... suddenly :

kakak tu : dik, kene tukar ic br coz comp. x boleh bace
me : ok ( again -______________-"""" )

changed the ic around 15 minutes, then came back to the counter. then she asked for a recent passport. GULP! (inside the drawer in my cupboard) -______________-'''''''' speechless tahap dewa weh!

headed back to the house and get the passport and reached 10 minutes before the JPN closed. fuhh!!! luckily the workers at the JPN was nice and generous. 20 minutes after that i FINALLY got my so called NEW PASSPORT!

moral : ni mesti sebab x bace doa bile kuar rumah . that's why they were so many obstacles. ye lah tu afiq.......

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shakira - WAKA WAKA - Official Song World Cup 2010 - HD MUSIC VIDEO



You're a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
Get back in the saddle

You're on the front line
Everyone's watching
You know it's serious
We are getting closer
This isn't over

The pressure is on
You feel it
But you got it all
Believe it

When you fall get up, oh oh
If you fall get up, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Cuz this is Africa
Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Listen to your God
This is our motto
Your time to shine
Don't wait in line
Y vamos por todo

People are raising
Their expectations
Go on and feed them
This is your moment
No hesitations

Today's your day
I feel it
You paved the way
Beleive it

If you get down get up, oh oh
When you get down get up, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa
Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa a a
Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

(Lady Singing)

Voice: Tsamina mina, Anawa a a
Tsamina mina
Tsamina mina, Anawa a a

Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa a a
Tsamina mina, eh eh
Waka waka, eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Django eh eh
Django eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa a a

Django eh eh
Django eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa a a

(2x) This time for Africa

(2x) We're all Africa

Sunday, May 9, 2010


To my beloved Superwoman...

i may not good in expressing my love but i want you to know
that no words best describe how I heart you and
only God knows how much you mean to me.

.Eldest son of yours.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sleep ovah!

last night was a long night. i'm a walking zombie this morning.

went to Omair's crib for a kenduri doa' selamat at Kajang with Malee, Shatek, Bui, Mon, Bambang, Irbuk, Afiq N., and Mok. reached there at 9.30 and it was actually in the midst of the event. after makan2 and sesi merakus was done, we lepak there untill 11.00 p.m. then received a phone call from my sis.

sis: where are you
me: still at kajang
sis: nak balik x ni?
me: entah la, x sure
sis: cepat la, org nk tdo ni. nak balik ke x?
me: x kot.
sis: ok

later that day all 9 of us headed to Afiq N.'s house. Arrived around 00.00. The house is A Cat Kingdom. Cats are everywhere in his house and tonnes of them. I almost step on one of them coz they're everywhere. Huish... Then that night we CHAT-A-LOT , moving in and out of the house, looking the view of the city since his house was high up in the hill. Lepaking on the road. Free Shisha as well , but i don't really prefer actually. ON9 too... free wi-fi. and the most interesting part of all was we (Shatek, Malee, AFIQ n., and me) were performing our Subuh at the nearby surau. wohooo... the only 4 Belia's yg ade kat surau tu. its been a long time i didn't perform Subuh at surau. eversince i left KUSESS :( and i miss the feeling of waking up early in the morning and go to surau stuff. :'((

Mon was the first to hit the hay around 4.30 a.m followed by Bambang and Mok. Malee luckily got his nap at 7 a.m. same goes to Irbuk. while Shatek, Bui, Afiq N., and me were the fantastic 4 who lost the pleasure of sleeping that night. Sharp at 8 a.m , we left Kajang for Bangi since Mon need to go for his Physio at 9.00. Then breakfast at Bangi, we were the walking zombies having our breakfast in a daylight.left Bangi and headed to Pandan Indah with Bui and Irbuk. ow yeah.. i slept whenever i can along the journey to Pandan Indah.

soon as i reached home , took a bath , turned on the aircond, rolled down the curtain, and KABOOOSH!!! dreamland i went -___-

Monday, May 3, 2010

incognito no more

hell yeahh... you've been such a sarcastic to me and i wonder why i kept on replying every nonsense message that you gave. perhaps its just me whom the curiosity is a little high. *sigh*

so i check with Mon and Malee the owner of the number and it's positively Bui ( no wonder la if it's him). but i doubt that because the way he text me isn't so much like a Bui (trust me, i know him). Bui wouldn't spend his credit for +/- 70 crap texts (until i write this post). Owh yeah, the phone ring again now making it 71 texts. WTF!

and this morning i asked my aunt to check this number. shouldn't a problem to her since she's working in Celcom. and the owner of the number is:

****** , Pandan Indah, 55100 K.L

(memang confirm la yassir punye)

so later i text la this anonymous which i'm sure he is Yassir telling him to stop playing around coz i knew that it was Yassir, bla,bla,bla thing. then this bugger replied : sape Yassir ? pemilik HP ni ke? aku jumpe HP ni. [ lagi r... ] and i straight away called Yassir and yes he was confirming to me that he lost the HP. Bagero... dah. i'm done with this Fucking text. text me selagi ko mampu but i'll never reply. think it back, why m i so damn idiot silly pegi layan si GILE ni? haih.. maybe tha fact that i GOT NOTHING TO DO. so yeah.. this kinda an activity to me. ape2 je la.

moral : never ever reply anonymous text.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sorry to say but i'm sorry

SM: afiq, jom kluar pegi Low Yat esok.
Me: err.... nk bwat pe ?
SM: aku nk tgk HP aku ni GPS die x de la..
Me: (my lazy ass just dont agree with the plan) hrrmm.. ape kate ko tanye celcom center instead of pegi Low Yatt.
SM: Alaa... jom la. kite makan2, jalan2, kat Times Sq.
Me:( i'd blacklisted TS from my lepak list and again this lazy ass just dont agree with that) hrmm... boleh je ( LIAR )... but i need to confirm with my aunt whether she'll come to my house tomorrow or not ( BIG LlAR ) coz I need to babysit my cousins ( MAJOR LIAR ).

>that afternoon<

Text to SM : SM, sorry cant make it tomorrow ( THE TRUTH ). I need to babysit my cousin la... (SUPER LIAR)

to whom it may concern: my apologize to you for lying but i'm sure that's better instead of saying " Malas lah!" i hate lying but i dont know why its so hard for me to say "Malas lah!". Back when i was at BC, we were taught on how to deal with unfortunate action. so yeah, sometimes Brit's do lie for them to be polite :) and i'm just being polite, i supposed ;p

Sunday, April 25, 2010

kenduri kendara

uwan held a kenduri last weekend. horrayy!!! everybody came back. All 20 grandchildren of Pn Zakiah were back :)) lets talk less and let the pictures describe everything.

menu of the day. Nyum...nyum...

Amirul Hakimi. PSP 24/7
some of my aunts with their respective child

people bace yassin kat luar... they played PSP inside the room. hehs.

Faiq Danish. The irksome crying of him.

meet Adam Rayyan and Irsyad Darwisy

yeah. sape lah ni...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 things that would surely appear in my lappy screen :)

1. video call seems so much easier. thanks to Skype!

2. YM for an unstoppable chatting

3. the iTunes for the Music

4. yeah... i'm sure everybody did the same. the most common website that more than 300 millions users worldwide used to log in. The super addictive FACEBOOK.

5. and here it is... my current addiction. tweet tweet twitter.

p/s: the blog was not in the list since i seldom update my blog. hell yeah.. the blog is not addictive to me. sorry -_-

Sunday, March 14, 2010

joie de vivre

grateful, thankful, blissful
  • hardworks paid off
  • still, this is just the beginning and i'm happy the way it start
  • fellow friends who didn't really succeed, there's always next time
  • alhamdulillah 0;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

driving school

It's a cliche topic but I insist! Plus its my blog, so why bother.

let me make it short and simple ;

  5. its a nightmare everytime i go to the driving thing, somebody wake me up! i'm begging :((

now she goes online...

  • she started to switch on the lappy
  • she started to go online
  • I taught her how to use the net
  • she's a fast learner though
  • now that she's waiting for her very own lappy
  • hope she's happy with her future hobby
  • she is my nenekku sayang :)

Friday, February 26, 2010


attended my mum's cousin nikah ceremony at Seremban in afternoon. The sky darkened and a fine rain swept the car as we arrived. Granny, great-grand, and her bibik were already there. While waiting for the groom to arrive, I sat under the canopy with my dad and as usual, i showed no interest with what he chat on with other relatives, flicking listlessly at my phone, texting somebody by means i'd chat with them instead of doing nothing. haih. enough for the boring part. Now straight away to the climax. As the grooms vowed that he'll be loyal to his wife,etc,etc and soon he mentioned the bride NRIC number, i was astonished! the first two number was 87 and my brain started to count her age. It was 23! Yes its 23, my mum's cousins who was the bride was 23! I'm not excited coz she's married at 23, thats her luck though. But what i surprised was the fact that she's a doctor. At 23! Yup, for your information the newlyweds were both DOCTORS ;) Now i kinda released that to be a doctor, u dont need to be old. After all, it wouldnt take so long for you to become a doctor. Of coz study is a lifelong process but hey, u dont have to really complete the studies coz it never will ;p

p/s: to future doctors, change your perception! u can get the Dr. title as early as 23 ;) BEST OF LUCK!

Dr. Naemah and Dr. (soon identified)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GET WELL SOON .tribute to Mon.

Visited Shamon on Monday and Wednesday at Tawakal Hospital as he caught an accident. His motorcycle kissed a car. The driver's fault, so no worries. But Mon broke his legs and undergo an operation. Malee,Bob,Mok,Ikhwan are some loyals who accompanied Mon at the hospital at night. Thumbs up guys. but theres more i supposed. On monday, Mon caught a fever so he slept all the time when i visited him. Maybe he still in shock with the accident. Next i went to the hospital on wed since boredorm strikes me in the house. And yes, he pretty much recover and started to do his physio things. He also started to move around using the wheelchair. Dont worry, u'll recover soon. We'll always with you especially Malee lah kan, ur neighbour cum dormmate ;)

p/s: To kusessians whom not yet visit him, what more to wait... visit and cheer Mon now!