Friday, February 26, 2010


attended my mum's cousin nikah ceremony at Seremban in afternoon. The sky darkened and a fine rain swept the car as we arrived. Granny, great-grand, and her bibik were already there. While waiting for the groom to arrive, I sat under the canopy with my dad and as usual, i showed no interest with what he chat on with other relatives, flicking listlessly at my phone, texting somebody by means i'd chat with them instead of doing nothing. haih. enough for the boring part. Now straight away to the climax. As the grooms vowed that he'll be loyal to his wife,etc,etc and soon he mentioned the bride NRIC number, i was astonished! the first two number was 87 and my brain started to count her age. It was 23! Yes its 23, my mum's cousins who was the bride was 23! I'm not excited coz she's married at 23, thats her luck though. But what i surprised was the fact that she's a doctor. At 23! Yup, for your information the newlyweds were both DOCTORS ;) Now i kinda released that to be a doctor, u dont need to be old. After all, it wouldnt take so long for you to become a doctor. Of coz study is a lifelong process but hey, u dont have to really complete the studies coz it never will ;p

p/s: to future doctors, change your perception! u can get the Dr. title as early as 23 ;) BEST OF LUCK!

Dr. Naemah and Dr. (soon identified)

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