Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sorry to say but i'm sorry

SM: afiq, jom kluar pegi Low Yat esok.
Me: err.... nk bwat pe ?
SM: aku nk tgk HP aku ni GPS die x de la..
Me: (my lazy ass just dont agree with the plan) hrrmm.. ape kate ko tanye celcom center instead of pegi Low Yatt.
SM: Alaa... jom la. kite makan2, jalan2, kat Times Sq.
Me:( i'd blacklisted TS from my lepak list and again this lazy ass just dont agree with that) hrmm... boleh je ( LIAR )... but i need to confirm with my aunt whether she'll come to my house tomorrow or not ( BIG LlAR ) coz I need to babysit my cousins ( MAJOR LIAR ).

>that afternoon<

Text to SM : SM, sorry cant make it tomorrow ( THE TRUTH ). I need to babysit my cousin la... (SUPER LIAR)

to whom it may concern: my apologize to you for lying but i'm sure that's better instead of saying " Malas lah!" i hate lying but i dont know why its so hard for me to say "Malas lah!". Back when i was at BC, we were taught on how to deal with unfortunate action. so yeah, sometimes Brit's do lie for them to be polite :) and i'm just being polite, i supposed ;p

Sunday, April 25, 2010

kenduri kendara

uwan held a kenduri last weekend. horrayy!!! everybody came back. All 20 grandchildren of Pn Zakiah were back :)) lets talk less and let the pictures describe everything.

menu of the day. Nyum...nyum...

Amirul Hakimi. PSP 24/7
some of my aunts with their respective child

people bace yassin kat luar... they played PSP inside the room. hehs.

Faiq Danish. The irksome crying of him.

meet Adam Rayyan and Irsyad Darwisy

yeah. sape lah ni...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 things that would surely appear in my lappy screen :)

1. video call seems so much easier. thanks to Skype!

2. YM for an unstoppable chatting

3. the iTunes for the Music

4. yeah... i'm sure everybody did the same. the most common website that more than 300 millions users worldwide used to log in. The super addictive FACEBOOK.

5. and here it is... my current addiction. tweet tweet twitter.

p/s: the blog was not in the list since i seldom update my blog. hell yeah.. the blog is not addictive to me. sorry -_-