Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sorry to say but i'm sorry

SM: afiq, jom kluar pegi Low Yat esok.
Me: err.... nk bwat pe ?
SM: aku nk tgk HP aku ni GPS die x de la..
Me: (my lazy ass just dont agree with the plan) hrrmm.. ape kate ko tanye celcom center instead of pegi Low Yatt.
SM: Alaa... jom la. kite makan2, jalan2, kat Times Sq.
Me:( i'd blacklisted TS from my lepak list and again this lazy ass just dont agree with that) hrmm... boleh je ( LIAR )... but i need to confirm with my aunt whether she'll come to my house tomorrow or not ( BIG LlAR ) coz I need to babysit my cousins ( MAJOR LIAR ).

>that afternoon<

Text to SM : SM, sorry cant make it tomorrow ( THE TRUTH ). I need to babysit my cousin la... (SUPER LIAR)

to whom it may concern: my apologize to you for lying but i'm sure that's better instead of saying " Malas lah!" i hate lying but i dont know why its so hard for me to say "Malas lah!". Back when i was at BC, we were taught on how to deal with unfortunate action. so yeah, sometimes Brit's do lie for them to be polite :) and i'm just being polite, i supposed ;p


  1. afiq!
    i do the same thing... sumtimes la. :)
    its more more more BETTER!!

  2. kan? kan? see.. lies for for good :)