Monday, May 3, 2010

incognito no more

hell yeahh... you've been such a sarcastic to me and i wonder why i kept on replying every nonsense message that you gave. perhaps its just me whom the curiosity is a little high. *sigh*

so i check with Mon and Malee the owner of the number and it's positively Bui ( no wonder la if it's him). but i doubt that because the way he text me isn't so much like a Bui (trust me, i know him). Bui wouldn't spend his credit for +/- 70 crap texts (until i write this post). Owh yeah, the phone ring again now making it 71 texts. WTF!

and this morning i asked my aunt to check this number. shouldn't a problem to her since she's working in Celcom. and the owner of the number is:

****** , Pandan Indah, 55100 K.L

(memang confirm la yassir punye)

so later i text la this anonymous which i'm sure he is Yassir telling him to stop playing around coz i knew that it was Yassir, bla,bla,bla thing. then this bugger replied : sape Yassir ? pemilik HP ni ke? aku jumpe HP ni. [ lagi r... ] and i straight away called Yassir and yes he was confirming to me that he lost the HP. Bagero... dah. i'm done with this Fucking text. text me selagi ko mampu but i'll never reply. think it back, why m i so damn idiot silly pegi layan si GILE ni? haih.. maybe tha fact that i GOT NOTHING TO DO. so yeah.. this kinda an activity to me. ape2 je la.

moral : never ever reply anonymous text.

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