Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sleep ovah!

last night was a long night. i'm a walking zombie this morning.

went to Omair's crib for a kenduri doa' selamat at Kajang with Malee, Shatek, Bui, Mon, Bambang, Irbuk, Afiq N., and Mok. reached there at 9.30 and it was actually in the midst of the event. after makan2 and sesi merakus was done, we lepak there untill 11.00 p.m. then received a phone call from my sis.

sis: where are you
me: still at kajang
sis: nak balik x ni?
me: entah la, x sure
sis: cepat la, org nk tdo ni. nak balik ke x?
me: x kot.
sis: ok

later that day all 9 of us headed to Afiq N.'s house. Arrived around 00.00. The house is A Cat Kingdom. Cats are everywhere in his house and tonnes of them. I almost step on one of them coz they're everywhere. Huish... Then that night we CHAT-A-LOT , moving in and out of the house, looking the view of the city since his house was high up in the hill. Lepaking on the road. Free Shisha as well , but i don't really prefer actually. ON9 too... free wi-fi. and the most interesting part of all was we (Shatek, Malee, AFIQ n., and me) were performing our Subuh at the nearby surau. wohooo... the only 4 Belia's yg ade kat surau tu. its been a long time i didn't perform Subuh at surau. eversince i left KUSESS :( and i miss the feeling of waking up early in the morning and go to surau stuff. :'((

Mon was the first to hit the hay around 4.30 a.m followed by Bambang and Mok. Malee luckily got his nap at 7 a.m. same goes to Irbuk. while Shatek, Bui, Afiq N., and me were the fantastic 4 who lost the pleasure of sleeping that night. Sharp at 8 a.m , we left Kajang for Bangi since Mon need to go for his Physio at 9.00. Then breakfast at Bangi, we were the walking zombies having our breakfast in a daylight.left Bangi and headed to Pandan Indah with Bui and Irbuk. ow yeah.. i slept whenever i can along the journey to Pandan Indah.

soon as i reached home , took a bath , turned on the aircond, rolled down the curtain, and KABOOOSH!!! dreamland i went -___-


  1. nape lah ko sng je nk kuar..
    ak ni ssh btol..blk after 7 pown nnt mak ak dh mrh..haha..
    xpe lah..

  2. x pe la. every parents have different approach in treating their kids. they know better. x pe. soon kite bwat sleepover ramai2 plak. hehehe...

  3. kan? kan? hahahaha... galz pon galz la... janji best!