Thursday, June 3, 2010


Salam. Sy perlukan salinan passport segera. boleh dapatkan hari ini jg dan emel atau fax kpd saya segera! ini utk submission kpd Mesir. harap maklum dan perlu tindakan segera.
- QAS agency-

received this message at 11.17 and realized that my passport was long expired. -___-' dealed with Mam besar and she sent me to JPN Wangsa Maju at 1200. Googled what it takes to renew a passport and prepared everything in rush.
  • passport picture [checked]
  • 2 copies of Mykad [checked]
  • birth cert. ( still under 18. lol) [checked]
  • 2 copies of parent's mykad [checked but the copies was with pengesahan ]
  • myKad [checked]
tukar baju siap2 then i doubted ' is it enough for just 2 copies (padahal dah tahu memang cukup) ? alah... photostat je la satu lagi.' Placed the myKad in the printer and press "Copy". than mum called suro keluar rumah coz she waited me outside. took the mykad copy and terus turn bawah , keluar rumah and masuk kereta.

(in the car)

mom : every things ready ?
me : sudah
mom : ic ?
me : sudah
mom :birth cert ?
me : sudah. everythings dah ade dah dlm envelope
mom : ok.

changed the gear to D , released the handbrake and off we go to Wangsa Maju. The traffic was terrific. Lagi2 kat depan Great Eastern tu , simpang nak masuk kat Jelatek . But I dont care that much coz Twitter kan ade ! heee... then soon as my mum passed by Wangsa Maju Putra station , suddenly my adrenaline rush and straight away i checked my wallet. DARN! mykad was in the printer!!! -_______-' ( buat muke innocence ckp kat Mam besar yg mykad tertinggal ) tu dia... her lecture! amik kau afiq! padan sangat ngan muke kau tu! tp x pe, Twitter kan ade.. heeee lagi skali... so we turned back and headed to the home once again. redah the traffic once again last2 sampai JPN around 1330.

( in the JPN )

showed my existing picture to the concierge and asked her whether that kind of picture can be use = (x boleh ). keluar balik and snapped a picture , masuk took a number and Whoa! terus kene panggil that number. Pantas dan efisyen nye... gave her all the documents and so but Dang! parent mykad copies were not accepted coz the copies was with pengesahan. -___-' go out again and photostat a new one. Got in, gave her the copies, processing..processing..processing... suddenly :

kakak tu : dik, kene tukar ic br coz comp. x boleh bace
me : ok ( again -______________-"""" )

changed the ic around 15 minutes, then came back to the counter. then she asked for a recent passport. GULP! (inside the drawer in my cupboard) -______________-'''''''' speechless tahap dewa weh!

headed back to the house and get the passport and reached 10 minutes before the JPN closed. fuhh!!! luckily the workers at the JPN was nice and generous. 20 minutes after that i FINALLY got my so called NEW PASSPORT!

moral : ni mesti sebab x bace doa bile kuar rumah . that's why they were so many obstacles. ye lah tu afiq.......